The Little Wanzer.

In 1994, I wrote two articles in ISMACS News re. variants of this machine, the second of which featured a newly-observed complete makeover. Recently, I acquired original documentation concerning this model. The sales pitch emphasizes the "straight race" in this, the "New Little Wanzer". Fig.1 illustrates the familiar machine, fig.2 shows Wanzer's latter day attempt to revitalize its long-standing popular model. From the small numbers that have survived, it would appear the exercise was fruitless!
Extract from my original article....

"The machine is late, with patent dates to 1880, and has almost more in common with its bigger sister, the Wanzer A, than its namesake.
Whilst at first glance it has the same main proportions, it is, in fact, a totally re-cast design.
The stitch plate support has been pushed backwards to make room for the redesigned shuttle mechanism. In profile, this gives the machine a shorter, less "C" shape appearance.
The shuttle is carried in a straight-race back-to-front motion and the usual cast round stitch plate has a slider in the front for shuttle access.
The needle-bar head has become an enclosed iron affair, similar to the Wanzer A, and this gives the machine a somewhat "out of balance" look.
The top of the "C" frame features a novel form of Howe tension device instead of the usual two horizontal spring-tensioned discs.
There is a gear guard and bobbin winder fitted, again "A" style, and the hand wheel has a drive-disengage for dedicated bobbin winding."
G.D. June '99


little wanzer 1
Fig.1 - Wanzer's original
best-selling machine.

 little wanzer 2
Fig.2 - The updated version
met with little favour
from the buying public.

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