Hudsons Patent.

American Henry Hudson's portable machine was patented in the UK in 1865. Many surviving examples feature a bobbin holder mounted just below the handle, unlike the 'enclosed within handle' bobbin in the patent itself. I'll quote from the specifications the manner of operation, and the bold claims for the machine's potential versatility :-
"The work must be supported so as to leave a space immediately under the machine in order to allow the needle and looper to pass through. The machine is held lightly upon the work and the motion of the needle and looper causes it to travel along the edge. If desired a cam plate etc. may be substituted for the disc-crank arrangement D. Instead of the crank handle F, a roughened wheel may be arranged to roll on the work as the machine is pushed forwards and drive the disc D by toothed gearing etc. By substituting a needle for the looper C1 and slightly modifying the cams etc., a lock stitch may be formed."

Henry Hudson's patent.

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